Yesterday we returned to America after experiencing, hands down, the best trip we’ve ever taken together as a couple. This also happened to be day 1k of being married. We’ve had a lot of plans for this site, but forget it, we are dropping it today. 

This trip and our return to the states fits in with exactly why we even wanted to have this site: to share with family and friends what we’re up to, where we’re doing it, and how we’re able to do it.

Well, on day 1k, we drove a minivan rental from New York to Philly after just splitting the previous 38 days between Tanzania and Kenya! You are probably asking how?? All of this and more will be shared in the days to come, but for now, take a trip with us down memory lane to how we met and back to when a country Georgia boy convinced a Philly jawn to marry him.

In the future, come back to learn how we try to balance a flexible work life, property management, and most importantly, spending time with loved ones while also being on the other side of the world. Sign up here to get periodic email updates so you never miss a post from us.


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