We have conflicting stories surrounding much of the beginning, so I’ll share what we agree on. First, although we are a SpelHouse couple and members of the class of 2008, we did not meet until we were both graduates.

After moving to Baltimore in 2010, I’d go to DC pretty often. Over the course of a year, thanks to our mutual friend, Daniel Irving, we’d end up seeing each other at the same events. It wasn’t until I moved away in 2013 for a job in South Carolina that I our story actually begins

I was hanging with some of my homeboys at a SpelHouse day party during our respective 5-year class reunions in May 2013, when Amber nudged me from behind. We began keeping in touch with each other after this weekend, but it wasn’t until after homecoming in October of the same year that Amber began calling me every. single. day.

At this point, I really liked Amber, and had even told my coworkers she fit the bill to be the one, but the reality was I didn’t have the patience or focus at that point. Timing was not on our side. Most notably, when I moved back to Atlanta in the summer of 2014, I made it clear to Amber that my focus was on the beautiful culture that Atlanta offered, and not our lengthy phone calls. She would oblige momentarily, but the phone calls, texts, and google chats eventually started back up and I eventually began responding.

In November 2014, I flew to DC to visit Amber and give us a shot. In one month’s time (by New Years Eve), we’d meet each other’s families and travel to each other’s hometown. This was the catalyst for our relationship, and was the beginning of the accumulation of a lot of frequent flyer miles. I’d fly to DC once a month to see her, and 2 weeks later she’d fly to Atlanta to see me.

In the 2 years we’ve dated, we’ve never lived in the same city. This soon weighed heavy on Amber’s patience with me, but it was also a heavy burden on my wallet. It was definitely time to make some changes.


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